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Who is Christina?

Christina Smylie is passionate about improving the experiences and outcomes of change for employees and organizations. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree under Canada's leading expert on employee well-being and change, Dr. Linda Duxbury. Her doctoral research strives to understand why some people are able to thrive amidst chaos and change and how to cultivate this ability in others. 



Currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Management, Christina is dedicated to cultivating a more adaptable workforce. She holds an MA in organizational psychology from Carleton University and an honours degree in experimental psychology from the University of Guelph.

Christina completed her teaching certification in 2022. She is a contract instructor at the Sprott School of Business where she delivers undergraduate and MBA courses on organizational behaviour, organizational theory, and management. 

Professional Experience

As a change management consultant for the Government of Canada, Christina has worked with senior executives across departments, and levels of government, to respond to change, lead restructuring efforts, review processes, facilitate engagement, and advise senior executives on responding to, and managing, change.

Through her role as an evaluation specialist for the Federal Government, Christina became skilled in tailoring evaluations to the needs of her clients. She developed evaluation methodology, facilitated interviews, focus groups, and surveys, conducted analyses, and reported on her findings.

Christina has been certified in gender-based analysis plus, AODA client-service standards, and ethical conduct for research involving humans. 

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