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Who is Christina?

Christina Smylie is a visionary driving the world of change management and business transformation. Currently a dedicated Full-time PhD Candidate, she is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Management with a specialization in Organizational Psychology, where her unwavering focus lies on the intricate field of change management. Christina Smylie's journey epitomizes the essence of a true pioneer in the realm of organizational change.



Christina Smylie's journey of knowledge acquisition is truly remarkable. Currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Management, with a focus on Organizational Psychology, Christina is dedicated to advancing our understanding of change management. Her educational journey also includes her Master of Arts in Experimental Psychology from Carleton University and an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Guelph.

Teaching Experience: As a dedicated educator, Christina Smylie has made a significant impact on the academic journey of numerous students. She has served as a contract instructor at Carleton University's Sprott School of Business, where she taught the course "Intro to Organizational Behaviour." Her teaching experience extends to various roles as a Teaching Assistant, where she contributed to the academic growth of students in multiple courses.

Professional Experience

Christina Smylie's career journey is marked by substantial contributions to the field of change management and business transformation. In her role as the "Change Management & Business Transformation Lead," she has taken on significant responsibilities, planning and implementing initiatives to manage change and align investment planning with policy. Her leadership extends to engaging with senior directors and their teams, managing work plans, and providing valuable change management advice to senior leadership.

Her prior role as a "Change Management and Integration Specialist" at Fisheries and Oceans Canada was equally impactful. She led surveys and focus groups, examined work-life experiences during remote and hybrid work transitions, and analyzed data to disseminate vital information within the department. She also led a team of change management promoters, further emphasizing her dedication to fostering positive change in organizations.

Christina Smylie's journey through academia and her professional roles has made her a true expert in change management, well-versed in research, education, and practical application. Her dedication to understanding and implementing change has made her a valuable resource for organizations navigating the complex landscape of transformation. With her guidance, organizations can confidently embrace change as a catalyst for growth and competitive advantage.

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