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Change Management Consultant

"We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

Meet Christina

A Change Management Specialist

With a wealth of experience working with public and private sector organizations, business units, and teams, Christina specializes in facilitating small-scale adjustments and complete transformations to enable organizational ambidexterity. She understands that change, regardless of its magnitude, is a complex process that elicits emotions and reactions from employees. Thus, her approach emphasizes compassion and evidence-based methodologies to ensure employee engagement and genuine adoption of crucial change initiatives driven by data.

Throughout the years, Christina has closely collaborated with numerous organizations as they navigated the transition to our 'new normal' following the post-COVID era. She has successfully supported these organizations in adapting to remote or hybrid work models, seamlessly integrating new technologies, and fostering cultural and procedural alignment to embrace change effectively.

With Christina's guidance, organizations can confidently embrace change as a catalyst for growth and competitive advantage. Her dedication to increasing employee participation and fostering earnest adoption of critical change initiatives ensures that organizations not only survive but thrive in today's dynamic business landscape. Whether it's a minor adjustment or a major reinvention, Christina's expertise will empower organizations to successfully navigate change and seize new opportunities for success.



Don't Let Change Manage You

Christina's approach to change management is a game-changer in itself. She doesn't just manage change; she empowers you not to let change manage you. Her unique expertise lies in guiding organizations through subtle adjustments and seismic transformations, all while ensuring that change is not just an imposition but a well-crafted journey. Christina's methodology is a symphony of empathy and evidence-based strategies, putting the human element at the forefront. In the post-COVID era, she has masterfully assisted organizations in adapting to new work models, embracing technological advancements, and nurturing a culture where change is your greatest ally. With Christina leading the way, change becomes a catalyst for growth and a source of competitive advantage. Whether it's a minor tweak or a monumental revolution, she equips you with the tools to navigate change successfully and seize newfound opportunities for success, ensuring that you're always in control of your destiny.



"I had the privilege of working with Christina as our Change Management and Business Transformation consultant, and I can confidently say that their expertise was instrumental in helping our organization navigate a complex transformation journey. Christina brought a unique blend of strategic insight, practical guidance, and a deep understanding of our industry. 


Her ability to communicate the vision for change, engage stakeholders at all levels, and develop tailored strategies for our specific challenges was truly impressive. Throughout the process, Christina demonstrated a keen eye for identifying potential roadblocks and providing creative solutions to overcome them. Their dedication to our success was evident in their tireless efforts and unwavering support. 


Thanks to Christina's guidance, our organization successfully achieved its transformation goals, resulting in increased efficiency, improved employee morale, and enhanced overall performance. I highly recommend Christina to any organization in need of a seasoned and results-driven change management consultant. Their expertise is a game-changer, and they are a true asset to any team."

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